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Ramratan's story


Ten year-old Ramratan Mandi from Serengdih village in Purulia district of West Bengal would have drifted into oblivion had it not been for the Sightsavers’ education project.

Born to a daily wage laborer, Ramratan, their only son, was suffering from blindness since birth. His family living in acute poverty was devastated as they weren’t sure of their son’s future. They were worried on how he would survive after they are gone. He was an over-protected child and until the Sightsavers project found him, he was totally home bound and depended completely on his parents for his daily living. He did not have any friends and his life was truly in darkness.

It was in 2009, during the baseline survey of the Sightsavers’ education project; Ramratan was identified. The project provided him with the skills of daily living and also improved his mobility skills. He became more interactive, started making friends and this whole new positive change brought a lot of hope to his family.

The project later enrolled him into a nearby primary school and was supported by a special educator.

The special educator taught Ramratan to read and write in braille.

His special educator says, “Ramratan is a vivid and quick learner. Within a month or two despite suffering from blindness he got attuned to the alternative teaching method on braille and has been demonstrating quality performance in both academic and extra-curricular activities.”

With persistent effort and support from the project, Ramratan is now studying in standard 4th and is a star performer in the class.

This project was implemented in partnership with Majhihira National Basic Educational Institute (MNBEI) and Ramratan is one of the many children this project supports.

Ramratan’s is a moving story where a seemingly small intervention on the part of Majhihira National Basic Educational Institute and Sightsavers has brought a lasting impact on the life of a child who otherwise would have succumbed to his fate.

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