Arman and Farhana's story

In the interiors of the Ramgarh block of Alwar, nestled beyond two tunnels and a sandy path adjacent to the railway track amidst fields, resides the Armana and Farhan family.

Shera's story

Shera, a resident of Raniya Mau, Unnao district, is 34 years old. He has locomotor disability.

April 2024

Shilpa's story

Shilpa's journey is one of resilience and determination, born from the challenges she faced in her early years.

Jyoti's story

Empowering Change: Jyoti's Story of Courage and Impact

Kajal's story

Eyes on the Road: Chhattisgarh’s First Woman Truck Driver Sheds Light on Eye Health

Mohammad Azam's story

Championing Education through Assistive Technology

Kajal and Aayush's story

“I am thankful to Sightsavers India for empowering teachers by enabling them to provide quality education to children with visual impairment.” – Pramod, Teacher, Kasganj.

Manoranjan’s story

“Without the support and guidance of the Sightsavers India team, it would not have been possible.” – Manoranjan, Jharkhand. 

Sunni Bai's story

Sightsavers India’s Support in High Impact District Transforms a Life.

Aysha's story

Aysha, a High School student, finds herself on a journey of hope and transformation.

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