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Sightsavers India is a development organisation working to eliminate avoidable blindness and promotes equality of opportunity for people with disability.

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In India since 1966

Sightsavers India’s work has enabled thousands of people to lead lives of independence and dignity. We have been working with government and local partners to strengthen organisations and communities, and have supported the treatment of millions of people with eye disorders. We have educated, counselled, trained and rehabilitated people who are visually impaired or blind, and helped extend the reach of eye services to the rural heartlands and underserved population of India.


We are a development organization working with partners in underserved areas of India to eliminate avoidable blindness and promote equal opportunities for people with disabilities.


Sightsavers India’s vision is of a world where no one is blind from avoidable causes and where people with disability participate equally in society.

Our values

Protecting sight

Blindness is an important cause and the effect of poverty. We work within rural heartlands and underserved population in India. At Sightsavers India, we promote inclusive eye health. We support prevention, treatment and cure avoidable blindness and promote eye health.

Equal opportunities

People with visual impairment should be able to develop their potential to the full. We work with people with disabilities and their organizations to promote inclusion and equal opportunities. We strengthen organisations and communities to develop practical and sustainable solutions.


We believe in collaboration to create impact. We forge alliances, partnerships and government collaborations to ensure a positive and long-term impact on people’s lives. Our supporters are an essential part of our solutions. We work together to accomplish our goals.

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What we do

We've been working in India since 1966 to eliminate avoidable blindness and support people who are irreversibly blind to lead independent lives.


Everything we do is geared towards our vision of a world where avoidable blindness is eliminated. To achieve this, we aim to be as efficient as possible.

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Where we work

Sightsavers India works in 10 states, extending eye services to the underserved areas, enabling people to lead lives of independence and dignity.

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