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Shiva's story

Shiva is 28 years old and has orthopaedic disability. He comes from a small village in Gaya district of Bihar. Earlier, Shiva used to sing at weddings for a living, however, it was not enough to sustain his entire family.

In the year 2017, after the intervention of Sightsavers and Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Society (BRLPS), Shiva became a member of a Disabled People’s Group through which he received livelihood training in making perfumes and incense sticks.

With the current earnings, Shiva can provide for the needs of his family. He said that earlier, it was difficult for many to imagine that a person with disability could very much be independent and support his family at the same time. All of that has changed now. “When organisations like yours work towards empowering people with disability then it certainly becomes easier to break down the barriers and stigmas and engaging in communities for us.” Shiva wishes to open his own shop in Patna in the near future.

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