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Savitri's story

35-year-old Savitri Devi from Rajgir, Bihar has orthopaedic disability. In 2018, she received livelihood training in making bangles after the intervention of Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Society and Sightsavers.

Recently, Savitri participated in Bihar SARAS Mela that was held in Patna in September 2019. SARAS is an initiative by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government Of India to provide a platform to the rural Producers /Artisans to market their products.

She said that her entire collection of bangles was sold at the Mela. Savitri is quite contented with the training she has received. With the current earning, she has been able to sustain her entire family now.

 Savitri wishes to expand her business in making bangles in the near future.

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