Govind’s story

Empowering Lives: Govind’s Journey to Employment with Sightsavers India

Govind, 34, has lived with a locomotor disability since birth. Hailing from a below-poverty-line family in a remote village in Hazaribagh District, he is the youngest son, living with his parents and elder brother. Despite his family’s challenging economic conditions, Govind managed to graduate. However, the lack of support and necessary skills prevented him from securing suitable employment, leaving him to make a living through social work.

The Social Inclusion team of Sightsavers India, with support from the community cadre of the Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS), identified Govind and provided comprehensive training to enhance his employability skills. This included soft skills training, knowledge of rights and entitlements, resume preparation, interview techniques, and participation in local self-help groups (SHGs).

Shortly after, Sightsavers India, in collaboration with JSLPS, organized a job fair in Hazaribagh, where Govind attended interviews. His training paid off, and he was selected as a Retail Trainee Associate at Reliance Retail Market in Ramgarh. Govind and his family are overjoyed by this unexpected success. He expressed deep gratitude to the Sightsavers India team for their support in making this achievement possible.