Jyoti’s story

Empowering Change: Jyoti’s Story of Courage and Impact

In the village nestled within the heart of Pratapgarh district, a tale of resilience and empowerment unfolds—a narrative woven around the life of Jyoti, a beacon of hope and inspiration in her community.

She faced many challenges, but today, she stands liberated! A Gender Committee member and eventually the Block President of the Organisation of Persons with Disabilities (OPD) APNO Pratapgarh in her district, she now educates others in her community on the welfare of individuals with disabilities. This is her story!

Jyoti’s journey commenced at the tender age of three when she was struck by calcium deficiency and polio, rendering her right leg immobile. Confronted with these formidable challenges, she found herself navigating a world fraught with obstacles, especially in pursuing education. Using crutches for mobility, Jyoti often withdrew herself from social gatherings and relied heavily on the support of her loved ones.

However, fate had a transformative moment in store for her. Sightsavers India organised a gathering focused on individuals with disability in her village, catalysing change in Jyoti’s life. Until then, she had been oblivious to the rights and opportunities available to people with disabilities. This event marked a turning point, igniting a newfound sense of awareness within her. Establishing a connection with Sightsavers India, she embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Engaging in a series of enlightening training sessions, Jyoti immersed herself in various programs, including the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2016, Vision Building, soft skills development, and access audit.

Proudly acknowledged as a repository of information on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and government schemes, Jyoti remains resolute in her commitment to empowering individuals with disability in her village and contributing to their well-being.

Jyoti’s story is a poignant reminder of the transformative power of resilience and determination. Despite facing seemingly insurmountable challenges, she emerged as a shining example of encouragement, breaking barriers and paving the way for a more inclusive society.