Armana and Farhan’s story

Learning Against the Odds: Armana and Farhan’s Educational Journey

In the interiors of the Ramgarh block of Alwar, nestled beyond two tunnels and a sandy path adjacent to the railway track amidst fields, resides the Armana and Farhan family. Comprising six members, their father shoulders the responsibility as a truck driver, serving as the sole provider for the household, which faces financial frailty. Both Farhan and Armana grapple with a rare genetic condition known as Albino, resulting in significantly impaired eyesight, possibly inherited from their maternal grandmother.

Presently enrolled in the 6th grade at a Government School, Farhan and Armana pursue their education despite their visual challenges. Their father, who has an education up to the 9th grade, and their mother, who has no formal schooling, encountered obstacles in obtaining medical certificates due to limited resources and knowledge. Nonetheless, their mother’s persistent endeavours, including multiple journeys from Alwar to Jaipur, successfully issued medical documentation for Farhan and Armana.

During the mapping process of Sightsavers India, Armana and Farhan came to our attention. Selected for participation in the Plus Curriculum and mobile training programs, they exhibit eagerness for learning, facilitated by their parents’ proactive involvement in their education. Leveraging mobile technology, their studies have found a new avenue, with both children demonstrating a keen grasp of the curriculum despite their shyness.

Farhan is particularly adept at financial management and mathematics despite his tender age. He aspires to become an Urdu teacher, echoing his sister Armana’s shared ambition. Their journey, accentuated by resilience and familial support, reflects their determination to transcend their circumstances and pursue their dreams of educational attainment and professional fulfilment.

By- Ekta Varshney, District Project Coordinator – IE Programme, Alwar (Rajasthan)