Shera’s story

April 2024

Shera is a 34-year-old resident of Unnao district, Uttar Pradesh.  About five years ago, his life took a tragic turn when he fell from a train and lost both his legs. This incident left him with no means of livelihood, and life became an uphill battle.

However, Shera’s indomitable spirit and determination were unwavering. With the help of the village head, he obtained a disability certificate and began receiving a pension from the government, which provided him with some financial stability.

But Shera’s drive to improve his life didn’t stop there. He continuously sought opportunities for self-improvement and betterment. Through the Social Inclusion Program initiated by Sightsavers India, our team stepped in to help him. They helped him obtain his UDID card and provided guidance throughout the process.

He also actively participated in livelihood training offered as part of the program. In one such training, he learned to make sweets boxes. With his newly acquired skills, he started making and selling these sweet boxes to the local vendors and started earning.

What makes Shera even more inspiring is his commitment to helping others in similar circumstances. He has extended a hand to fellow person with disabilities, involving them in his venture and providing them with opportunities to earn a livelihood.

Shera is not just surviving; he is thriving and paving the way for a brighter future for himself and those around him.