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Kajal's story

Eyes on the Road: Chhattisgarh’s First Woman Truck Driver Sheds Light on Eye Health

Kajal, a 24-year-old trailblazer from Durg, Chhattisgarh, has shattered stereotypes by becoming the first lady truck driver in the state. Kajal’s remarkable journey is not just about steering heavy vehicles through challenging terrains; it’s about breaking barriers and proving that gender should never be a limitation.

Kajal has been driving trucks since age 21, defying societal norms that often dictate certain professions as suitable only for men. Her love for the open road and determination led her to embark on an unconventional career for women in her community.

On 5th October’23, Kajal visited Sightsavers India’s Mobile Eye Health Unit under its RAAHI Programme, which brings healthcare services to truckers at their convenience. Despite having no issues with her eyesight, Kajal decided to use the opportunity and scheduled an eye check-up during the mobile eye clinic’s visit in her town.

As Kajal stepped into the mobile eye clinic, her presence sparked curiosity and admiration among the staff. They were thrilled to meet the first lady truck driver of Chhattisgarh. The Optometrist thoroughly examined Kajal’s eyes, expecting to find common issues related to prolonged exposure to sunlight and dusty roads. However, the medical staff found Kajal’s eyes to be perfectly healthy.

Kajal took the opportunity to share her story with the locals who gathered around the mobile clinic. She spoke about the importance of pursuing one’s passion, regardless of societal expectations, and the need for regular health check-ups, even if everything seems fine. Kajal’s story resonated with the audience, encouraging others to challenge stereotypes and prioritise their well-being.

As Kajal continues to navigate the roads of Chhattisgarh, let her story encourage everyone to challenge stereotypes and prioritise their well-being.