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Kajal and Aayush's story

The Educational Odyssey of Two Siblings

“I am thankful to Sightsavers India for empowering teachers by enabling them to provide quality education to children with visual impairment.” – Pramod, Teacher, Kasganj.

In Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh, resides a family of seven, weathering life’s storms with determination. Their father, the sole breadwinner, leads the family and tills the land to sustain his loved ones. This family’s journey is marked by resilience and the power of education to transform lives.

Kajal and Aayush, two siblings with visual impairment within this tight-knit family, share an unbreakable bond. They live with their parents, grandparents, and three more siblings. As they live together in an open-sided hut, extreme weather conditions pose a particular challenge, making their lives even more demanding.

Initially, Kajal and Aayush were enrolled in the local government school, but due to their visual impairment and their parents’ lack of awareness, they remained absent from the classroom. Recognising the pressing need for intervention, Sightsavers India, supported by Bajaj Allianz under the Inclusive Education Programme, initiated a home-based approach. They offered steadfast guidance to the siblings’ parents, fostering an understanding of the profound importance of education. Furthermore, Kajal and Aayush received a braille kit and smartphones to facilitate their academic and social integration.

These dedicated siblings embarked on a transformative journey through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the Plus curriculum training sessions. These sessions nurtured a sense of belonging and ignited a newfound enthusiasm for learning. Thanks to the Plus curriculum training, their sensory skills developed, empowering them to independently navigate their day-to-day activities.

In this transformative journey, Mr. Pramod, their schoolteacher, played an instrumental role. Mr. Pramod actively participated in training sessions conducted by Sightsavers India, honing his expertise in Inclusive Pedagogy, ICT devices, and the Plus curriculum.

Kajal aspires to be a teacher and Aayush dreams of becoming a cricketer. They now attend school regularly, and their acquired skills allow them to use smartphones as valuable tools for their studies.

Their newfound enthusiasm radiates as they eagerly embrace the opportunity to attend school, make new friends, and expand their horizons.