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Susmita's story

Ms Susmita: Empowering Inclusive Classrooms

Ms Susmita is an exceptional teacher who has played a pivotal role in championing inclusive education for students with disabilities. With unwavering dedication and innovative teaching methods, she has transformed her classroom into an inclusive space, ensuring every student has equal opportunities to learn and thrive.

Ms Susmita recognised the importance of inclusivity beyond physical accessibility. She understood that it required creating an environment of respect, empathy, and active participation for all students.

One of her students, who faced a hearing impairment, initially struggled to engage in classroom activities. Sensing the potential, Ms Susmita employed various strategies to ensure full involvement. She encouraged her other students to learn primary sign language, fostering effective communication and a sense of belonging. She firmly believed that inclusive education was a collective effort involving teachers and students and actively involved her students in creating a supportive classroom environment.

Ms Susmita’s inclusive classroom has become a shining example for fellow educators. Her unwavering commitment has fostered an environment that celebrates diversity and ensures equal opportunities for all students. Recognising the significance of continuous learning, she underwent training as a Master Trainer for the UDYAM module, an inclusive teaching methodology developed by Sightsavers India. She also actively participated in a two-day inclusive teaching and learning material development program organised by Sightsavers India. She even runs a YouTube channel to educate students in her spare time.