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Jaiprakash's story

“Thank you, Sightsavers India, for transforming lives like mine.”

Jaiprakash is a resilient 42-year-old man from Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. His family, consisting of his parents, wife, and three children, forms the heart of his world. Life presented Jaiprakash with various challenges, but his determination and unwavering spirit have been his guiding light.

In his youth, Jaiprakash developed a keen interest in truck driving. Aware of the responsibility to provide for his family, he discontinued his education after completing 12th standard and ventured into agriculture, working tirelessly in the fields. For years, he toiled, sowing seeds, and ploughing the land, ensuring a modest livelihood for his loved ones. Seeking better opportunities, he bid farewell to his village and set out for Gurugram, where he stayed with his maternal uncle.

Jaiprakash’s journey in Gurugram began as a humble helper in a company, learning valuable skills along the way. As time passed, he transitioned into the role of a truck driver, becoming an indispensable part of his maternal uncle’s transportation business. However, the tumultuous waves of the COVID-19 pandemic struck, causing immense financial setbacks for Jaiprakash and his uncle’s business. Undeterred, Jaiprakash persevered, his resilient spirit leading him to join Prahalad Transport as a truck driver in 2022.

Months passed, and Jaiprakash realised his vision was becoming unclear amidst his busy schedules. He decided to have his eyes tested. A mobile van that renders eye health services to people in need had camped at his place of work. This van is an initiation by Sightsavers India under its RAAHI Programme supported by the Chola Mobile Van initiative and in partnership with its base hospital, ICARE Eye Hospital, which visits locations of truck drivers to offer eyecare services at their doorstep. Jaiprakash seized the opportunity and underwent a comprehensive eye examination, confirming the need for corrective glasses. The team assured him that he would receive his spectacles free of cost within ten days.

Ten days later, as promised, Jaiprakash received his glasses with the correct prescription. With renewed clarity, he found solace in knowing that his work would not suffer with improved eyesight.