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Dushmanta's story

“I express gratitude to Sightsavers India for their invaluable program, which brought about such remarkable changes in my son’s life,” – Upendra, Dushmanta’s Father, Odisha.  

In Kalahandi District, Dushmanta, a 16-year-old student with visual impairment, faced significant hurdles in pursuing his education. With his parents unaware of the methods of imparting knowledge to a child with visual impairment and his teachers ill-equipped to support him, Dushmanta’s school attendance suffered.

When Sightsavers’ Inclusive Education (IE) team conducted a physical verification, they noticed the need for awareness among Dushmanta’s family regarding the importance of education for visually impaired children. The IE staff began counselling the family and the community, explaining the transformative power of education.

Over time, Dushmanta’s parents started to understand the potential impact education could have on their son’s future. The IE team provided training on orientation mobility and sensory awareness, equipping Dushmanta with essential skills for daily life and social interactions. As he advanced to 10th grade, he received a laptop, and his parents and teachers actively participated in ICT-based training provided by Sightsavers India.

With the ability to listen to audio files and proficiently operate software like Word and Excel, Dushmanta’s enthusiasm for learning blossomed. His regular school attendance resumed, and he began to excel academically, earning a commendable B1 grade with an impressive 454 marks in his 10th-grade exams.