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Chhote Lal's story

“This life-altering support was only possible due to the unwavering support of Sightsavers India and the team.” – Chhote.

In Indore resides  Chhote Lal. At 75 years of age, he shares his home with his wife, son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. Life has been a constant struggle for Chhote Lal, who earns his livelihood by packing cotton buds from home. Their financial condition is incredibly challenging, making meeting the household’s needs complex. His wife and daughter-in-law support him, working alongside him to maximise their earnings and sustain their livelihood. His son is employed in the private sector.

A Mobile Vision Centre arrived at his residential area, which is an initiative of Sightsavers India under its Urban Health Programme, with support from Fullerton India Credit Co. Ltd. Chhote seized the opportunity and underwent a comprehensive eye examination at Nayan Mitra, where he was identified with a cataract in his eye.

Initially, he hesitated to proceed with the surgery due to the financial burden he believed it would impose. The prospect of exorbitant fees at a private hospital seemed insurmountable. However, his scepticism was relieved when he learned that the surgery would be entirely free of cost. The staff at the Mobile Vision Centre stepped forward, guiding and counselling him, meticulously explaining the process involved in obtaining a referral slip and arranging his hospital visit.

With newfound hope and trust, Chhote mustered the courage to embark on this journey towards a restored vision. He went to the hospital, where he registered himself for treatment. The medical professionals attended to him promptly, ensuring that all necessary tests and admission procedures were completed smoothly. Finally, the much-awaited day arrived, and Chhote Lal underwent a successful cataract surgery, emerging with the gift of clear sight.