Sightsavers stories

Budhyadhar's story

Budhyadhar, from Odisha, once a joyful child, had his world turned upside down when he lost his sight in 5th grade. Despite numerous surgeries, he became blind. His life became confined within the four walls of his home, devoid of aspirations or social interactions. The sympathetic treatment from his community members and peers only deepened his sense of isolation.

Sightsavers’ team conducted a physical verification and began regular home-based interventions. They provided Budhyadhar with a smartphone, enabling his academic growth and social integration. The support extended beyond academics, encompassing social skills, orientation and mobility training, and compensatory skills to foster his independence. With the assistance of his sister, a Social Animator, Bidyadhar learned Braille, abacus, and how to utilise Talkback on his smartphone.

Today, he can read and write simple words in Braille, perform two-digit addition on the abacus, access audiobooks through Talkback, and confidently make and receive phone calls.

Recently, he achieved a remarkable 54% score in the 10th board examination and expressed his desire to pursue higher secondary education in Bhubaneswar. Thanks to the inclusive educational environment, the institution provided him with a writer during the examination, ensuring fairness and equal opportunities. This support allowed Budhyadhar to communicate his answers and showcase his academic abilities effectively.