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Ayesha's story

Aysha, a High School student, finds herself on a journey of hope and transformation. Her father, Asadul , toils as a daily wage earner, striving to provide for their modest livelihood.

Unbeknownst to Aysha, uncertainty shrouded her vision as she pursued her studies in Class XI. During a camp organised by Sightsavers India under its School Eye Health Programme, her hidden plight was unveiled—a juvenile cataract. Overwhelmed, she shed tears of fear and hesitated at the prospect of surgery.

In this crucial moment, a united front emerged to guide Aysha. Her parents, teachers, and compassionate health educators from Sightsavers India rallied around her, emphasising the importance of the surgery and assuring her that an everyday life awaited her beyond the operation theatre.

At no cost to her family, Aysha’s surgery was skilfully performed at Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital’s base hospital, a valued Sightsavers India clinical partner.

Post-surgery, her vision was clear, empowering her to concentrate on her studies without the struggles of an impending eye-related problem. With newfound clarity, Aysha’s vision blossomed, empowering her to focus on her studies and enabling her to unleash her potential and educational pursuits.

“My daughter was afraid to undergo surgery for the juvenile cataract detected in her eye during a screening camp conducted by Sightsavers India. But with counselling from the dedicated team, we went ahead, and now my daughter can see clearly. They conducted this surgery free of cost. I am immensely thankful.”