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Krishna's story

Empowering Education: Sightsavers’ Intervention Transforms Krishna’s Academic Experience

In the quaint town of Alipurduar, an 11-year-old student, Krishna, studied with his peers at High School. From the first day of his school journey, Krishna faced a formidable challenge that overshadowed his educational pursuits. A hazy mist clouded his vision, making it arduous to decipher the blackboard and leaving him with persistent headaches.

He confided in his father, Tarun, a daily wage earner in Sikkim, and shared the hurdles he faced in his educational journey. Sadly, his parents, unaware of the gravity of his vision-related struggles, could not grasp the importance of his predicament.

As part of Sightsavers’ School Eye Health Programme, a screening camp was organised in Krishna’s school. As anticipated, the camp identified Krishna needing immediate intervention for his vision difficulties. The diagnosis revealed a refractive error with a RE -12.00 and LE -10 power. He was given spectacles to improve his vision due to refraction.

No longer a mere observer, Krishna enthusiastically engaged in classroom activities, revelling in the joy of active participation that had previously eluded him.