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Gurbachan's story

Sixty five year old Gurbachan lives with his wife and children, in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan. His wife has worked as an Asha Sahiyogini, a government health worker, her entire life.

Gurbachan began to lose his vision last year, but he was still able to complete his daily tasks. Gurbachan’s wife noticed his walking style and suspected that his eyes were causing him problems. She suggested him to get his eyes checked at an optical store. Gurbachan got his eyes tested at a nearby optical store where it was found that he had mature cataract. The employees of the store warned him that the cataract surgery would cost a lot of money. However, Gurbachan’s wife took him to the Vision Centre in Hanumangarh supported by Sightsavers in association with Fullerton, where they got to know that Jagdamba Hospital (Sightsavers’ partner Hospital) provided free cataract surgery for those with mature cataract. Gurbachan’s visual acuity in his left eye was PL, meaning he could only see light with that eye. The vision centre referred him for emergency cataract surgery.

Gurbachan’s cataract surgery was completed the very next day. When his bandages were removed after the surgery, he was able to see extremely clearly. Gurbachan resumed his shop a few weeks after.

Gurbachan has gained more confidence and has begun earning money from his shop, which is assisting him much in meeting the requirements of his family and putting food on the table.

“My husband’s story will now serve as an inspiration for others who are suffering from cataract. I’ll make sure everyone pays attention to me and refer people in need of eye care services to the vision centre,” said Gurbachan’s wife.

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