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Rohitas' story

Sixty-year-old Rohitas lives in Alwar district of Rajasthan. His eyesight problem began in 2020 when the pandemic was at its peak. The world had come to a halt then. Rohitas could hardly see anything after dark. Due to his poor vision, he faced issue in cooking. It was quite frustrating for him to cook half burnt food. Getting the eyes checked was not an option, as Rohitas didn’t have enough money for it. He became extremely worried about spending his life with bad vision and less money.

In September, Rohitas heard an announcement from a moving van which was about a camp for the screening of eyes. He made up his mind to get his eyes tested. A free check up was the only reason that encouraged him to go to the camp because shelling out even 30 to 40 bucks at this point was painful for him. After the screening was done, it was found that Rohitas had cataract in both eyes and would require surgery for improvement in his vision. Before he could ask about the expenses, the hospital staff told them that the surgery will be done for free. That was a very big relief for Rohitas. After his blood pressure and sugar tests he was cleared for surgery and along with few more patients he was taken to Shroff hospital for surgery.

Rohitas shares, “Now after surgery, I can see very clearly when I wear spectacles. If I remove spectacles everything is blurry. I feel better now because my eyesight is back. I am earning better now. I had left farming when I was suffering from cataract. But now I back to crop farming along with goat farming. I make profit from farming that I am doing. Without good eyesight how can anyone do any work? But after surgery I can work now.”


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