Fashion & Disability – Walking with a Difference

January 2023

Suparna belongs to the Amta village, in West Bengal. She has had a locomotor disability since birth but that never deterred her to be a contributing member.

In the year 2021, Sightsavers started the identification of persons with disabilities through the involvement of volunteers, Suparna was one of them. Due to her zeal for passion, she was selected as an active participant in the Social Inclusion project.

One fine day, the Sightsavers State Program Lead shared with the district team about the upcoming Fashion show‘Walk with a Difference’ organized by Aims Media.

Post registration, Suparna was shortlisted in the audition where she performed a recitation and a ramp walk. She cleared two rounds to reach the finals. She impressed the judges with her confidence, which made her win the competition and a prize money of Rs. 25,000/- Her joy was boundless, and she was glad the Sightsavers team and her community members supported her throughout the journey.

Sharing her story she said, “We consider ourselves to be vulnerable but that is a wrong look at life. Many others are in a possibly worse situation, be it physically, financially, or socially. Each day we should be thankful for the life we’ve got and live it to the fullest.”