My Encounter with a Disabled Person

G. Arunasree, January 2018

I am a teacher in a reputed co-education English medium Secondary School. Our school provides necessary facilities for disabled students like a wheel-chair, ramp, lift, separate wash rooms and many more. One of our students, Kiran gradually developed ‘Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy’ a severe muscular disease and became completely dependent on others.

When the school reopened for its new academic session in June 2017, as class teacher I found that Kiran was not present for his new session. I waited for one month. Meanwhile, I enquired about his health with his younger sister and learnt that Kiran’s condition became worse than before. With the permission from the school authorities, I visited him at his house along with his classmates and counselled him by giving examples of some of the most successful personalities with disabilities who rose above even the fully functional people to claim their fame such as Stephen Hawking, Hellen Keller, Ralph, Braun, John Hockenberr, Marlee Matlin, Stevie Wonder. Kiran’s classmates promised to help him with his studies.

Kiran now continues his studies with the help of his teachers and classmates. At present, he is amongst one of the favourites for his teachers and fellow students. The boys of his class take turns to play chess and caroms with him. We always try to make him happy and bring a smile on his face.

Runners up for Sightsavers World Disability Day Blog Contest.

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