Eyesight to Insight: Evidence from Urban Eye Health Programme

India, with a population exceeding 1.486 billion, faces substantial challenges in urban eye health, particularly in densely populated states like Uttar Pradesh. To improve accessibility, affordability, and availability of eye care services, Sightsavers India implemented the Amrita Drishti Urban Eye Health Programme in Kanpur and Prayagraj cities, with the support of Standard Chartered Bank’s ‘Seeing is Believing’ programme for three years from 2020 to 2023. This article highlights achievements in addressing acknowledged challenges and obstacles, establishing accessible, cost-effective and enduring high-standard eye care services and ensuring everyone receives the essential treatment and assistance for their eye health needs.

This study delves into the real-world impact of the Urban Eye Health Programme, implemented in Kanpur and Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, aiming to identify success factors and examine the tangible effects of interventions through a comprehensive endline study.

The objective is to assess real-world impact, identify success factors, and thoroughly scrutinize and illuminate the tangible effects of implemented interventions on both the field and community perspectives, employing a comprehensive endline study.

Eyesight to Insight

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