Podcast – Eye Care! Do You?

The world’s largest population of blind people lives in India. Over 8 million people, to be exact. The majority of them lack access to even the most basic medical facilities because they reside in the nation’s most underdeveloped regions. But did you know that if they had received prompt treatment, nearly half of them might not have become blind? Sightsavers India realises the importance of eye health and thus through its programmes ensures availability of affordable, quality eye health services in rural districts, urban slums, government schools and to the underprivileged community.

The status of rural eye health in India & what Sightsavers is doing about it.

Did you know that India has the largest population of blind people in the world? That’s over 8 million people. And most of them live in the poorest parts of the country with little or no access to even basic health care facilities. In this episode, Arya will walk you through the importance of eye health services in rural parts of India and how Sightsavers, through the Rural Eye Health Programme also known as Netra Vasant has brought eye care to services to the country’s unreached population.