Sightsavers India received the award of 1A rating by CRISIL

February 2023

This grading indicates that the Sightsavers India operates on strong delivery capabilities and high financial proficiency.

After a rigorous 4P framework review (Profile, Process, Programming and Proficiency), this rating holds the highest recognition given to the non-profits for delivering programmes successfully and adhering to the strong system and process.

The grading framework of CRISIL involves, document verification, management discussion, field visits and in-depth understanding on the programmes of Sightsavers India. This process captured the diversification of programmes and development of existing models of Sightsavers India.

“1A is the highest rating for Non-profits and my sincere appreciation to all staff members who were directly involved in the process and to all of you who were in the background but were of big support. This is a testament to the great work Sighsavers India is delivering through the programmes and at the same time adhering to our strong systems and policies.” says RN Mohanty, CEO, Sightsavers India.