Effectiveness of Ready2Clip Spectacles among Truck Drivers; Findings from National Truckers Eye Health Programme

September 2022

Nearly 1.3 million people die globally each year due to road traffic accidents (WHO, 2022). Such road injuries account for 2.1% of global deaths. India has one of the highest numbers of road accidents in the world as well as highest number of deaths due to it. Over 9 million truck drivers live in India. They play an important role in transporting India’s freight. However, the unorganised nature of work prevents them from taking their health seriously. Sightsavers recognises the importance of eye health in ensuring road safety for the overworked truckers’ community.

Spectacles were provided to those suffering from uncorrected refractive error. Near vision correction spectacles were offered on the spot, but distant vision correction required drivers to collect the custom-made spectacles (which are specifically curated for the individual) after a week from either the screening sight or a site of their choice. Truckers’ kinetic nature of the job and the tight running schedules emerged as a challenge in collecting the custom-made spectacles, thereby impacting their eye health as well as efficiency of the program.

Sightsavers’ RAAHI Program brings vision care services to India’s trucking community and help it tackle the key challenge of drivers not collecting their distance vision glasses after being screened. Our 2.5 NVG Ready2Clip™ range of glasses, which can be customized, prepared, and collected on the spot ensures drivers get the glasses on the screening day.


This study focusses on assessing the effectiveness of the program and compliance of truck drivers with R2C spectacles, provided by Sightsavers in collaboration with 2.5 NVG under RAAHI program.

 Specific objectives:

  • Determine the effectiveness of the R2C spectacle in the program
  • Assess the compliance of truck drivers with the use of R2C spectacles
  • Evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the R2C spectacle in the program


Findings from National Truckers Eye Health Programme.

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