Everything You Need to Know about Dry Eye Syndrome and Quality Eye Health

Sighstavers India, September 2015

Amongst some of the common eye ailments that are seen to impact eye health in various countries is the Dry Eye Syndrome. This is a chronic eye disease that is caused by inadequate tear production and its distribution. Medically termed as kertoconjuntivitis sicca, this can occur because either the lacrimal gland does not generate enough tears or because the tear composition is inadequate resulting in reduction of tears as it quickly evaporates from the surface of the eye. It can be also be caused by allergies or sensitivities. Allergic reactions can cause inflammation to the eye, which can result in both increased evaporation of tears, as well as decreased tear production.

Dry eye syndrome results in what is known as dry eyes. The possible symptom includes achy or sore eyes, redness, inflammation, irritation, burning or stinging, itching, blurred vision, tired eyes, contact lens discomfort, a scratchy or grainy sensation. Other possible symptoms are excessive mucus discharge or watery discharge from the eyes, sensitivity to light, and the feeling that your eyes are glued shut when you wake up.

There are possible scenarios which can also affect eye health to a certain extent. One of the possible causes of dry eye syndrome is driving. When one spends considerable time driving long distances, the eyes are intensely focused, which can result in a reduced blink rate. The eyes are also prone to the air conditioning, heating system or wind. Even certain sporting activities can affect your eyes. As the wind current increases, this results in increased tear evaporation. Examples are downhill skiing, skating, sailing or biking. Living at high altitudes, or in a hot, dry or windy climate, can also increase tear evaporation rate and as a result one can suffer from this disease.

Maintaining eye health is just as important as maintaining any other essential part of our system. Moreover, the lifestyle in India is dauntingly fast which makes the measure of safeguarding eyes even more difficult. This is why eye drops and other lubricants, eye essential sunglasses, recommended nutrition and hydration is normally prescribed ophthalmologists as a measure that can eradicate Dry Eye. Therefore, it is essential to take precautionary measures rather than to wait for the disease to affect the eyes.

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