Why eggs are considered good for eye health and great for eye care?

Sighstavers India, September 2014
Eye health

Eggs are a must for kids and should also be consumed by people of all ages. Eggs are known to be a great source of nutrition and offer the much needed protein for the healthy functioning of our body parts. The same holds for good eye care as well.

Did you know that one single egg has about 13 grams of protein? Intake of eggs on a periodic basis can prevent eye health related diseases such as cataract. The egg yolk can also reduce thinning of macula (area around the pupil of the eye) that is responsible for the quality of our vision and can enhance eye care. Regular intake of eggs can also reduce age related disorders which may also lead to vision impairment. By including eggs in your diet, you are sure to improve your eye health and need not to worry too much about eye care.

There are many reasons for eating healthy for instance weight loss, overall body health, healthy functioning of the body and/or to manage and keep away chronic diseases. But how often do we realise the importance of eye care? While many people may take the health of their eyes for granted especially if they are young, but if you eat healthy and consume protein rich items like eggs then you are sure to prevent any illness from occurring in future.

The eye is just as important as any of the other parts of our body and its functioning depends on the other system or body parts that make up our body. You may not be aware of this but the retina has the highest rate of metabolism in the body which would mean that you should resupply it with the necessary nutrients on a regular basis.

More and more people should be made aware of how to protect their eyes at an early stage. In most cases, too many people are seen to wait until their eyes deteriorate and then would start taking the necessary measure. By adding a vital nutrient like for example an egg in your daily diet, you can prevent avoidable blindness and help to retain good eye vision. Nutrition can be perceived as a powerful form of preventive medicine and this is why it is never too late to start.

A good way for you to start building up the necessary nutrient supply is by simply fulfilling our daily requirement of protein and vitamins which can only be found in items like eggs, fruits and vegetables. It is highly recommended that you should consume at least five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables each day and this is also linked to better eye health. It also offers another reason to be eating well in case you are really serious about eye care.

Most of the researches also show that leafy greens are also good for the eyes since they are packed with antioxidant carotenoids lutein. Studies also reveal that regular intake of eggs along with green vegetables can reduce the risk of cataract by nearly 18%. So, if you really care about your eye care then the bottom line is to consume eggs each and every day and also encourage your children as well.

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